Saturday, March 15, 2014


dreams of flying—
an arc of limbs
in a leaf-green wind
the compass of my life

high in the arms
of a sugar maple
with my book
and a golden apple. . .
sap rising in my veins

in forests
and libraries
the whispers
of myriad leaves
gathering light

I follow
a will-o’-the-wisp
from tree to tree—
the thing with feathers
singing down my bones

      ~cattails 1:1, Jan. 2014


  1. Well, my email subscription to your blog seems to be working fine now. And I believe (but am not positive) that things are okay at my blog too (though I had problems posting yesterday).

    Anyway, lovely, joyful sequence. The various tanka work marvelously together, singing of greenness, trees, reading, and flying.

  2. Thanks, Janet! I' m glad your subscription is working--mine still don't seem to be.