Saturday, December 19, 2015

Eucalypt Distinctive Scribblings Awards

The Distinctive Scribblings Awards

The Awards recognise two outstanding poems from each issue of Eucalypt,
selected and appraised by winners of the Awards in the previous issue.

squiggly gum picSeveral species of eucalypts (gums) exhibit distinctive squiggles that result from moth larvae eating the live wood and leaving a scar that is revealed when the tree sheds its bark. This image of a gum with its insect-generated calligraphy, inspired the naming of the award. 


          Eucalypt  Issue 19, 2015
ancestral valley –
the way prayer flags
flicker light at dawn
I carry this in my heart
each time I leave home
                — Sonam Chhoki  

horseshoe –
the blacksmith’s hammer
singing on the anvil
beating out the rhythm
of long-lost luck

— Jenny Ward Angyal  



  1. Congratulations, Jenny. I love this song of "long-lost luck."

    P.S. I'm suddenly not receiving your posts via email anymore.

  2. Thanks, Janet! I don't know why you're not getting posts by email--it's way over my head.