Friday, June 7, 2013

Winter Starlight and a Chinese dragon

Winter Starlight
The news from my son’s group home is not good.  In a fit of manic rage, he has ripped the big toenail from his crippled foot. As if I weren’t baffled enough already, I read up on quantum mechanics—why not? I learn that if two particles interact even once, they remain forever connected in some paradoxical way. Even across great distances, their states change in tandem, faster than the speed of light.

for the unbeliever—
quantum entanglement
my only stay
against your distant misery

 Haibun Today 7: 2, June 2013

My first tanka prose piece, "Winter Starlight" reflects an incident that occurred several years ago. The tanka below reflects the other side of life with significant disability.  (To anyone out there dealing with autism and/or mental illness in a loved one, I would like to say don't ever give up; the distance between the wrong meds and the right ones can be measured in light-years.)

he shows me
a Chinese dragon
in the wintry sunset
this gift from my autistic son

Skylark 1:1, summer 2013


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  1. A powerful post: your tanka prose, dragon poem, and commentary.