Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[in my freezer]

the birds
in my freezer:
blue jay, indigo bunting , . . .
my secret stash of sky

Atlas Poetica 13, Fall 2012


  1. Jenny, I remember reading this in ATPO. Extremely striking: the birds and the stash of sky; the sounds here ("b" "ee" "s"); etc.

    Also eery. This reader wonders why you have them in your freezer. ;) (My husband's niece's ex-husband, who also writes poetry, would stash bits of animals in his freezer.)

    1. Thanks, Janet! I had them in my freezer because they were perfect and beautiful--and, I suppose, because I grew up with an uncle who tended to have birds & animals in his freezer . . . Eventually I gave them to an ornithologist at our university to make study skins. I had a flying squirrel in there for a while too--I think it went to the state museum of natural history.

  2. Wow - especially about the flying squirrel!

    It sounds like you and Jose (the person I mention) have a lot in common! :)

    At any rate, I love "my secret stash of sky."