small songs I sing
to join
my voice to other voices
hidden in the grass

Friday, February 21, 2014

[chorus frogs]

the piping
of chorus frogs
in snow . . .
the winter of my life
melts into music

The Bamboo Hut 1: 1, August 2013

Chinese translation

To see a Chinese translation of my award-winning  "harvest mouse" tanka, please visit NeverEnding Story, the first English-Chinese bilingual haiku and tanka blog, edited by Chen-ou Liu. (Chen-ou has previously translated six of my other tanka, which may be seen by clicking my name at the bottom of his "harvest mouse" post.)

Friday, February 7, 2014

shafts of sun

raising the blinds
I let your words
pass through me—
sunlight streaming
through an empty glass

~Fire Pearls 2, summer 2013

I wake 
to find myself
dust motes shimmer
in a shaft of sun

~A Hundred Gourds 3:2, Dec. 2013

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

TSA Anthology

Tanka Society of America to Publish 2014  Anthology—Free to Members

The Tanka Society of America (TSA) has announced plans for a 2014 members' anthology, scheduled for release this autumn. For this year only, current members will receive a complimentary copy.

M. Kei, widely known tanka poet and publisher of Keibooks, will edit the anthology.

The submission window opens on February 15 and closes on April 30. Details are posted at the TSA website and also will be published in the Winter issue of Ribbons, the official TSA journal.

If you're not a current (2014) TSA member, consider joining or renewing your membership today!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


reading to mother
on her deathbed
the books I loved at five—
            the rabbit burrow
            safe around us

the shell
of a box turtle,
split open and empty. . .
where did it go,
my fear of death?

falling like syllables
in the rhythm
of an ancient rune
I outrun the dark

under the eaves
of a house
where once I lived. . .
this old bone flute, my body

wind in the grass
on Big Yellow Mountain. . .
over the granite
bones of my mother
I lay my body down

             ~red lights 10:1, Jan. 2014